Durable And High Quality Construction Supplies

Durable And High Quality Construction Supplies

Over 20 years Experience

We provide roofing, loft ladders and building materials

If you’re looking for high quality and reliable building materials, roofing materials, loft ladders, Gerlinger airtightness systems, or sealing and adhesive supplies, get in touch with Austin Matthews Agencies.

Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to help you with all your requirements.


Loft Ladders

We supply durable and high quality loft ladders for commercial and trade purposes.

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Airtightness systems

We provide all the airtightness materials that you need. From tape to membranes and more.

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Seamless roofing solutions

We provide superior quality roofing vents and membranes for both commercial and residential buildings.

For reliable roofing, ladders and airtightness systems

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