High quality sealing and bonding products

Austin Matthews Agencies also provide a range of sealing and bonding products. These products are odourless, solvent-free, have high tensile strength and are easy to use. All our sealing products are environmentally friendly.

Our industry leading range of sealing & bonding products

Universal Bond, Seal Fix, Mount

Xcel UBS

XCEL UBS is the ultimate MS Polymer adhesive sealant, chosen by professionals and DIY users. Designed for performance excellence, it bonds, seals and mounts, even underwater, and has a high tensile strength of 27kg per square centimetre.

Ultra Clear Bond

Xcel UCB

XCEL UCB is a transparent MS Polymer adhesive sealant. It’s designed for performance excellence, and is perfect for transparent applications. It has a high tensile strength of 22 kg per square centimetre.

Instant Grab Adhesive

Xcel IGA

XCEL IGA is an instant grab MS Polymer adhesive. It was developed for high strength initial bond. It fixes large panels and heavy objects without support or mechanical fixings, and has high tensile strength.

Safe but powerful solvent degreasers & cleaners

Austin Matthews Agencies provides a complete range of solvent degreasers and cleaners. They're designed to quickly remove adhesive and oil and grease deposits from almost any surface.

Our team of dedicated professionals have a complete and thorough understanding of all our products. You can rely on us to provide superior quality degreasers and cleaners, as well as reliable advice.

Professional and reliable service

We have over 20 years of experience in this line of business. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a professional and speedy service at all times. We are dedicated to delivering high quality materials to everyone across Northern Ireland. All our products are cost-effective and of an exceptionally high quality.

You can also get in touch with Austin Matthews Agencies today for high quality fire protection boards and roofing materials.

For high quality sealing products, and cleaners and degreasers